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Blood Bowl 2 – Team Pack


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Get your instant download with CDKeys.com Blood Bowl 2 – Team Pack (Base game required) includes: Blood Bowl 2 – Chaos Dwarfs Blood Bowl 2 – Khemri Blood Bowl 2 – Necromantic Blood Bowl 2 – Nurgle Blood Bowl 2 – Undead Blood Bowl 2 – Norse Blood Bowl 2 – Lizardmen Blood Bowl 2 – Wood Elves The top 3 reasons to play Blood Bowl 2 – Team Pack Lead the famous star team Reikland Reavers back to glory in a new solo story campaign supported by the hilarious commentators Jim & Bob. Each match is unique with unexpected events constantly renewing the experience! The single and multiplayer modes are richer than ever. About Blood Bowl 2 – Team Pack Chaos Dwarfs – Chaos Dwarfs teams come with their Hobgoblins Minotaur and Chaos Dwarf Blockers and are defence-oriented benefiting from the great velocity of their Bull Centaur retrievers and from a very powerful front line that can endure (and apply) a lot of pressure. Khemri – Over 8000 years ago the Khemri played the first ever games of Blood Bowl against the Slann with their Tomb Guardians Blitz-Ras Thro-Ras and Skeletons. It was inevitable that these ancient players would return. Not only do they possess the Regeneration skill but some players also benefit from Block and Pass. Necromantic – The Necromantic come with Werewolves Flesh Golems Ghouls Zombies and Wights. These lethal killing machines are their main attacking force providing pure psychopathic fury and claws that can render armour utterly useless. Nurgle – The teams of Nurgle come with their Rotters Pestigors Nurgle Warriors and Beasts. As with most Chaos teams the Nurgle team is at its best when it can get stuck in and directly take on opposing players. Undead – Undead teams come with Mummies Ghouls Skeletons Zombies and Wights players but also their own star players: Ramtut III and Count Luthor Von Drakenborg! Thanks to their Block skills and their good agility the Wights are central players for the Undead teams. Norse – Norse teams come with their own official players: Lineman Berserker Runner Thrower Ulfwerener Yhetee. This rolling roadblock may not be the fastest team on the pitch but with most players benefiting from Block it’s certainly one of the toughest. Lizardmen – Lizardmen teams come with their own unique AI and players (skinks Saurus and Kroxigor) but also their own star players: Slibli and Hemlock! Skinks are very fast and nimble. Bringing the ball to the goal line is not a problem for them. While very mobile Saurus are also amazingly powerful Wood Elves – The Wood Elves come with their Passers Wardancers Catchers linemen Treeman but also their own star players: Dolfar Longstride and Jordell Freshbreeze! Elves are amazingly agile and almost as fast as Skaven. Read more What are the system requirements? WINDOWS OSWINDOWS VISTA/WINDOWS 7/WINDOWS 8/WINDOWS 10 ProcessorAMD/INTEL DUAL-CORE 2.5 GHZ Memory3072 MB RAM Graphics768 MB 100% DIRECTX 10 AND SHADERS 4.0 COMPATIBLE ATI RADEON HD 5670/NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 260 OR HIGHER Storage8 GB available space Mac OS X OSMAC OS X 10.10/MAC OS X 10.11 ProcessorINTEL CORE I5 3 GHZ Memory 4096 MB RAM GraphicsATI RADEON HD 6970M/NVIDIA GEFORCE GT 650M OR HIGHER Storage8 GB available space

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