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Get your instant download with CDKeys.com This product includes Fable: The Lost Chapters PC. The top 3 reasons to play Fable: The Lost Chapters PC Forge a hero based on your actions. Engage in intense real-time combat and build your living legend. Explore and shape a living evolving world. About Fable: The Lost Chapters PC Fable® is a groundbreaking roleplaying-adventure game from Peter Molyneux in which your every action determines your skills appearance and reputation. Create your life story from childhood to death. Grow from an inexperienced adolescent into the most powerful being in the world. Choose the path of righteousness or dedicate your life to evil. Muscles expand with each feat of strength. Force of will increases with each work of wit. Obesity follows gluttony and skin tans with exposure to sunlight and bleaches bone-white by moonlight. Earn scars in battle and lines of experience with age. Each person you aid each flower you crush and each creature you slay will change this world forever. Fable: Who will you be? Forge a hero based on your actions: Age and evolve a hero or villain through the actions you choose and the path you follow–be it for good evil or in-between. Ply the way of the sword and see your muscles bulge. Weave the dark arts and witness power crackle at your fingertips. Skulk in the shadows and watch your skin bleach. Engage in intense real-time combat: Collect battle scars as you duel with a world of cunning foes and deadly creatures. Master an array of deadly weaponry as you hone the art of blade-craft. Hunt your quarry using subterfuge and stealth. Weave death from the elements as you harness the dark arts of the arcane. Build your living legend: Through deeds and actions build a name for yourself across the land. Recruit allies and followers. Gain glory or notoriety. Make friends and enemies. Interact with a living world of people places and event all reactive to you. Hero or butcher? Who will you be? Explore and shape a living evolving world: Champion or manipulate an ever-changing land with competitive and cooperative heroes dynamic weather systems and deformable environments. Interact with teeming cultures creatures and citizens from various towns and cities. Hone your character with scores of unique skills and extras: Master new abilities and add possessions as you develop. Never play the same game twice: Once you finish your adventure go back and try the experience again forging your character and thereby a new tale with unexpected twists and turns new skills powers influences allies and enemies. Expanded content and tones of new choices: Discover additional regions storylines and side quests – as well as new optional missions. More spells to master new armor and weapons and even new monsters to use them on! Read more What are the system requirements? Windows OSWindows XP or later Processor1.4 GHz equivalent or greater Memory256MB Graphics64 MB shader-capable video card Storage3GB of available hard disk space

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